Water is a huge part of our everyday lives. We use it almost without thinking: showering, brushing teeth, doing dishes, running the sprinkler. But what if we could collect energy from these everyday uses? With Splashpower, we can.

A miniature hydroelectric technology innovation, Splashpower has the potential to dramatically impact the environment by harnessing power from everyday water usage.
For example, a standard household faucet delivers roughly 24 watts of power. Splashpower can draw almost 70 percent of it for use in other applications. Water has never been so green!

Splashpower opens the door to countless applications and design possibilities. Imagine no wires for sprinkling controls; automatic valves with no power needed; water toys with no need for batteries; and the list goes on. With both inline and end of stream solutions, power can be efficiently delivered to almost any appropriately adapted electrical device without the traditional constraints of batteries or cords. Splashpower is the technology that puts water to work.